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Message from the Principal

Dear Green Acres Families,

We have lots events coming up! Here is quick overview:

  • Feb 25 thru March 1- Restructured Days and Student-Led Conferences

  • Feb 26 thru March 1 - Fifth Grade Outdoor School

  • Feb 28 - Pages & PJ’s Reading Night (and Pajama Day!)

  • March 5th - Parent Meeting for input on the district plan (LCAP) 5:30pm in the library

  • March 9th - HSC Parent Soirée and Silent Auction at East Cliff Brewery

  • March 19 - Family Arts Night 5:30pm

  • April 1-5 Spring Break

There is a lot going on! Please be on the lookout for flyers or check the website for details of upcoming events. The parent meeting for input on the district plan gives you an opportunity to voice what you would like to see continued in our school and district, as well as provide feedback on any priorities for change. Childcare, dinner, and interpretation will be provided.

Thank you to parents who attended their children’s “student-led conferences.” If you were unable to attend, ask your child to talk to you at home about their progress in school. We feel it is important for students to make goals for their learning, monitor their learning, and be proud of their academic growth. This week I overheard a student say, “I’m not doing this yet, but I’m working on it.”

Be Safe: Parking Lots

I want to commend the majority of our parents for being safe in the parking lots by respecting the drop off only zones, and driving slowly with a sharp eye out for children. Many of you come early to avoid the congestion that occurs between 7:55 and 8:00, and many of you walk or ride bikes to avoid the traffic altogether. Thank you!!!

However, we have had some trouble with parents parking in the drop off zones, in the Sutter Health lot, and leaving cars unattended in the red zones. This creates a safety hazard for our students when the drop off zone is blocked, and when parents double-park and usher children to and from cars in the middle of the street. Please respect the parking lots of nearby businesses, and observe traffic laws. We have over 350 students, and we obviously cannot accommodate 350 cars at the same time. Even if you are running late or feeling stressed, please remember to keep our children’s safety as the #1 priority!

Substitute Yard Supervisors Needed: Are you interested in helping out the school and earning some extra money at the same time? We are in need of substitute yard supervisors for recess and lunch time. If you are able and willing to help, ask for details at the office.

Campus Safety: I would like to remind parents that as part of our campus security, ALL parents and visitors must check in at the school office if entering the campus during school hours. This includes dropping off forgotten lunches or homework, or picking up a student early for a dentist appointment. Volunteers must come and sign in at the office to pick up their badge. If you are interested in volunteering in the classroom or chaperoning on a field trip, please ask at the office for information on fingerprinting. Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our campus safe!

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